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Hard Disk Data Recovery Services in Nairobi

Hard Disk Data Recovery Services in Nairobi


Data Recovery Services in Nairobi: Your computer contains very important files on it. Work files, personal documents, emails, tax receipts and other files that would be hard to recreate. You probably also have thousands of digital pictures spanning the past 10 years or so.

Losing all the pictures of your children or family events from the past years can be devastating to even think of.

We are situated on the First Floor of New Muthaiga Shopping Mall, Nairobi. Open Monday to Friday, From 9am to 6pm.

We also offer a free daily collection service in and around Nairobi area where we collect your faulty Hard Drive for Recovery.

Request Free Online Data Recovery Quote in Nairobi below or call 0725 916 422

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Types of Data Recovery that we MOSTLY do:

  • Data loss due to Physical Damage: Physical damage could be caused by the Hard disk or laptop falling when its ON or it may also be caused by Power failure while using the Hard Drive of Laptop.
  • Data loss by software issue: This can be caused by Virus, format, mis-partition, mis-clone, mis-operation, network deletion, power-cut during operation all may be the software reasons.
  • Accidental deletion of valuable useful data
  • Accidental format of hard drive

Feel FREE to call us and share your experience with us so that we can be able to assist you.

If you have experienced a Logical Hard Drive Failure or a Physical Hard Drive Failure, remember we are here to help. The Hard drive to be recovered may be internal or external / portable hard drive, USB / Flash disk or even SSD drives.

We have years of experience in Data Recovery and always keep up with new data recovery techniques.

We have assisted a lot of customers just like you, both business and home users across Kenya to recovery their lost data.

Whether the hard disk is from a laptop, desktop or an external UBS drive, we have the solution to retrieve the data from it.

For a FREE quote, kindly take a minute to complete the hard drive recovery service quote form above for a professional-level hard drive data recovery service in Nairobi at a fair price and honest policy.

We DO NOT charge for checking/diagnosis if we can recovery your hard drive. Our prices are fair and honest. You only pay once successful data recovery has been completed on the damaged hard drive, USB / Flash disk or media.

Estimated recovery cost is calculated according to the size of the hard drive or media to be recovered.


  • Below 320GB successful data recovery cost is Ksh 5,500,
  • 320GB to 500GB cost Ksh 6,500,
  • 500GB to 1TB cost Ksh 10K,
  • 1TB to 2TB cost Ksh 20K.

Please check with us for estimates on capacities larger than 2TB.

Estimated recovery time is 3 to 7 days, you can always ask for a fast track service which takes 1 to 3 days at an additional cost of Ksh2,500 to be paid only once your data is successfully recovered.

Data recovery services are done in Nairobi by us, but extend through most areas in Kenya. Get a no obligation quote today by filling the form above and we will get a quote to you as soon as possible but within 3hrs Monday to Saturday.