Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2013

Best Web Design Practice

Web design can be a tricky business especially when your site visitors are your biggest critique.

As much as web designers need to concentrate on making websites look good a lot of emphasis needs to be put on making the website user-friendly.

Most web designers will lose a brand’s message in translation if they forget who the targeted audience is. Creativity should not come before functionality.

A website can attract a few visitors at first, but fail to get second visits if it is hard to use and browse through its content.

The best web design practice to guarantee you return visits can be achieved by following some of these basic rules.


  • A good website must have individual characters on its text that are understandable or recognizable based on the appearance. Awesome visual elements may not necessarily guarantee repeat visits. At the same time content is NOT KING if it’s impossible to read. To ensure your website is legible you should consider using sans serif fonts for body copy and probably serif fonts for special elements like headings only.
  • Avoid using more than three font sizes; they make a website hard to read and distracting.
  • Reduce bolding, italicizing and underlining too much.
  • Do not use hard-to-read color schemes. Most visitors prefer black text on a white background, so ensure dark text on lighter background.
  • Break the copy with smaller paragraphs, to ease the daunting feel on long paragraphs of content for the web readers.

Complicated Long Forms
Website forms like registration need to be brief. Do not turn your visitors away with complicated web forms. Mandatory fields should be minimized.

Ensure your website has a visible and functional search box with clear site architecture. A search box will make it easier for your web visitors to find what they need. Imagine how messy a website can get with unstructured content being added to it over time. Think about how users will navigate through the content as it accumulates.

Best web design practice requires testing and implementing what works.

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