Published On: Sun, Feb 17th, 2013

Get LinkedIn

The LinkedIn network, launched back in 2003, has seen phenomenal growth over its lifetime. With more than 200 million members, your profile has to be super awesome for you to be noticed.

The social channels are the right channels to meet the right people in 2013. Facebook and Twitter have the social numbers but LinkedIn is the king of business networks. With over 200 million members and growing, there is a lot of competition to be noticed for business. So how do you get yourself noticed among the millions?

Below are a few steps to take to have a chance of getting there.

  • The first important step is to ensure complete your profile. An incomplete profile dose not represent you well.
  • Sell yourself in the introduction; create an attention-grabbing headline.  Potential employers, customers and clients search LinkedIn for business or product and service offerings, so remember to include plenty of  these keywords on your introduction content.
  • Request good clients that you have worked for to write recommendations by telling others why they enjoyed working with you and what you are great at. Work on keeping the feedback up to date, old recommendations may not carry much weight when searching for new work.
  • Make as many relevant connections as possible, avoiding irrelevant or unrelated connections.
  • Remember to also regularly update your status. An out of date profile will have a negative effect. Take some time to research through other great profiles.

These tips implemented correctly will get your LinkedIn profile noticed and hopefully get you some business.

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