Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2013

Positive and negative consumer reviews

Positive and negative online consumer reviews vary greatly from the good, bad to the malicious. Unfiltered user opinions offer many marketing benefits if used appropriately.

Online Consumer reviews may increase your audience engagement and influence other shoppers’ purchasing decisions. These are powerful marketing tools with analysts predicting they have 33 percent consumer purchasing decision.

Genuine unfiltered opinions build trust, and trust increases conversion. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+
also provide opportunities to promote positive consumer reviews and acquire new ones. Consumer reviews from social media should be publicized when posible to engage more “social” consumers. On twitter web masters should retweet their positive customer feedback while on Facebook and Google+ they can build Group or Community to encourage consumer conversation devoted to interacting with, and obtaining reviews from customers.

On YouTube, website owners can post videos that showing how a new product works and ask for consumer feedback in the comments section. This will increase product awareness while engaging with their audience.

Negative reviews can also help boost a website’s credibility
These undesirable consumer reviews can also be good for business. They often give valuable product insights from customer feedback. Online retailers should always be as transparent as possible especially when it comes to reviews. Do not delete negative reviews, but act on them by answering where need be. Studies have shown that online shoppers who read bad reviews convert 67 percent more, because they show the reviews are genuine. 100 percent positive reviews only may look suspicious or fake.

Be honest and do your best to work out your customers’ issues, which may result in the same customer leaving a positive review, after their issues are addressed.

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