Published On: Thu, Feb 21st, 2013

Sony Playstation 4 is finally here after all the rumors and whispers

Sony Playstation 4 has caused rumors and whispers for almost a year and became one of the worst kept secret in gaming industry. The PS4 is finally here.

At a lavish press event in New York, Sony showed off its next-generation console that will be released this holiday season, though the company didn’t announce a price.

The PS4 will feature improved graphical performance, a new version of the company’s classic DualShock 4 controller, now featuring a touchpad, motion controls, and a built-in ‘share’ button. Sony playstation 4 will also highlight social aspects like the ability to share gaming footage.

The system will have a much quicker startup times, ability to browse live gameplay videos of your friends and a partnership with Facebook and UStream that lets people play with their real world friends online.

Sony PlayStation 4 is designed to be a highly integrated platform that will boast a robust, cloud-enabled network that let users sample games before purchase without waiting to download.

Sony is hoping to regain its status in the gaming world with the Sony PS4. Sony PlayStation 3 lost market share and failed to live up to its predecessor’s numbers. Research firm IDC estimates to date worldwide sales currently stand at around 77 million.

From the sales numbers, Nintendo Wii showed it has the most entertainment value.

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