Published On: Tue, Mar 19th, 2013

Telecommuting banned at Yahoo and now Best Buy

Best Buy has canceled its flexible telecommuting which allowed its corporate employees work whenever and wherever they wanted. Best Buy now expects its employees put in the traditional 40 hours work weeks at their headquarters.

Best Buy is also planning to cut down its corporate workers by 400 as part of a plan to reduce the $725million expenses and restructure its business.

Early this month Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced an end to telecommuting, which was met with criticism.

Thinking about how much time one may save when telecommuting.

An hour or more commuting to work, 30 minutes getting coffee, 10minutes chat with co-workers, 20minutes getting to and from lunch, 1hour throughout the day of interruptions from people or phone calls,

Companies can get 50 to 60 hours of steady work weekly with fewer interruptions and saved office space and computer.

Do you think telecommuting should be banned as it seems more companies are now unsure where to follow suit or wait and see. Probably unless evaluated we won’t know for sure if this is a good decision.

What are your views on telecommuting?

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